Programme Summary

The course is aimed at teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, university, adult, special needs) and teacher trainers. The course will provide an opportunity for teachers to refresh their knowledge on managing and communicating with various target groups, creating a warm and open learning atmosphere, as well as preventing and dealing with problems and conflict situations that may arise.

The focus is placed on practical examples and training activities in which the participants can analyse their usual classroom management styles and employ new strategies for controlling group dynamics. This will make carrying out lessons easier for participants, enable better learner-teacher and learner relationships, as well as increase learner motivation.

Participants will also have the opportunity to observe, reflect, discuss, and exchange their experiences and examples of good practice with other teachers.


After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • employ various communication strategies and styles
  • employ different classroom management strategies and styles
  • use different strategies to prevent and manage conflict
  • use multiple methods, strategies, and activities to create an open learning atmosphere and encourage cooperative learning
  • meet colleagues from other European countries, share experiences and examples of good practice

Day by Day Programme

Day 1:

  • presentation of the training institution, trainers, and participants
  • introduction to the programme
  • introduction to emotional intelligence
  • strategies to increase optimism and resilient thinking

Day 2:

  • effective time management in the classroom
  • managing instruction (whole class, pair and group work, independent learning)
  • classroom management strategies

Day 3:

  • building positive relationships with students
  • communication styles
  • encouraging cooperative learning

Day 4:

  • common classroom problems
  • basic behavioural styles and conflict prevention
  • conflict management strategies

Day 5:

  • increasing learner motivation
  • encouraging students to reflect
  • inspiring sustained learning and peer coaching
  • closing and evaluation of the course

Target Groups

  • teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, university, adult, special needs)
  • teacher trainers

Course Dates

10. 06. – 14. 06. 2020.
17. 06. – 21. 06. 2020.
24. 06. – 28. 06. 2020.
01. 07. – 05. 07. 2020.
08. 07. – 12. 07. 2020.
26. 08. – 30. 08. 2020.
02.09. – 06. 09. 2020.


Adult Education Institution Dante


Wenzelova 2, Rijeka, Croatia




00385 51 321 336


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