Language Courses

The Adult Education Institution Dante was founded in 1991 and it offers a variety of regional and international adult education workshops, courses, and programmes for foreign language learning, teacher training, transferable skills training, entrepreneurship and management training, as well as language and vocational courses for migrants. We have about 300 adult attendees of foreign language learning courses per year and 12 employees. Our Institution is well established and our educational programmes are designed to respond to the needs of modern society, contributing to the sustainable development of adult education at the regional, national and European level. In 2011, the Institution was awarded by the Croatian Agency for Mobility and European Projects and the European Commission for raising the level of competence of learning foreign languages.

Programs Tailored to Everyone

Providing top-quality classes is priority to us. Our top professors, mostly native speakers, teach in an interesting and ingenious way. They attend professional educations very often – both abroad and in our school. All the classes are held in a relaxed, inspiring and creative atmosphere of our classrooms, while the number of students is limited because only working in small groups can lead to top results. All our programs support the individual needs of each student and are suitable for every age.

Verified Programs

Since 2008, the Institution has been the examination center for the international exam in the Italian language – CILS. Thanks to many years of experience and achievements, the school received the Institution status in 2009 and got its foreign language learning programs verified at the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia. Today, after completing the program and passing the exam, our students receive a public document – a certificate of knowledge of a foreign language, which is also entered in their employment record book.

Our vision and mission

The Adult Education Institution Dante actively promotes adult education and ensuring education for all age groups. The Institution follows the principle of quality management, promoting international cooperation and partnerships, and encouraging lifelong learning. It responds to the needs of the individual as well as the current society, while contributing to the development of adult education.

Our Team

It is said that employees are key to the success of each institution. We are extremely proud of our employees!

Led by the desire to thrive and continue improving in their field, employees of the Adult Education Institution Dante are always coming up with new ideas, projects and activities, as well as actively participating in them. We are proud to work with teachers and staff who are accomplished, qualified, experienced and dedicated to their jobs.

It is extremely rewarding to work in such a positive and stimulating environment, in which both compliments and criticisms are accepted, and whose team members are always creative, cheerful, and professional. There is still a long way ahead of us, but we hope to continue growing both as human beings and professionals who love their jobs and are dedicated to achieving our aims and aims of the Institution.

Andrej Marušić
Andrej MarušićDirector
Andrej is the director of the Institution Dante since 2007 and a licensed coach of the Curriculum globALE program. Enthusiasm, positive energy, planning, organization, communication, sense of humor, cordiality and vision, as well as desire for knowledge and new experiences lead him through the challenges of everyday life.
Petra Katana
Petra KatanaHead of EU projects
Petra, a graduate economist, actively participates in the implementation of all extracurricular activities of the Dante Institution, as well as in the creation and implementation of EU projects. She loves traveling, having fun, being around people and getting to know other cultures and customs.
Katja Soldat
Katja SoldatSecretary
Antonela Marjanušić
Antonela MarjanušićEU projects
Antonela holds individual and group English classes, translates from Croatian into English, proofreads texts in English and is a member of our project team within which she works on Erasmus+ KA2 projects. She is interested in topics related to cognitive linguistics and foreign language learning, enjoys a good cup of tea, and loves to travel.
Maja Medica
Maja MedicaEU projects
Siniša Smiljanić
Siniša SmiljanićTeacher
Siniša is a teacher of English and Croatian language and literature, as well as a PhD student at the postgraduate study “Glotodidactics” at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. As a big fan of books and movies of all genres, in his free time he reads everything he can get his hands on and regularly goes to the cinema. However, his greatest passion is travel.
Tanja Slaviček Kamenar
Tanja Slaviček KamenarTeacher
Tanja is a teacher of German and Croatian. She teaches German at Dante but also in the “Zamet” Elementary School. Due to (un)happy circumstances, she met her husband in Rijeka, got married and… She likes to spend her free time with her child, in nature. She loves to cook, listen to good music, travel and read.
Ana Štokan
Ana ŠtokanTeacher
Ana has been an Italian language teacher at Dante since 2012. In addition to having interactive classes in the classroom, she also likes to prepare outdoor activities. She often takes students to field classes in Rijeka and the surrounding area. She regularly participates in professional training for Italian language teachers in Croatia and abroad.
Patrizia Pitacco
Patrizia PitaccoTeacher
Milana Kovačević Miškić
Milana Kovačević MiškićTeacher
Milana is a Croatian and German language teacher. She holds individual German language courses at Dante and works in the high school education system. She spends her free time with her family, mostly in nature, and loves to read and travel.
Lucija Justić Mrakovčić
Lucija Justić MrakovčićTeacher
Lucija is a teacher of English and Spanish, who also speaks Catalan. After graduation, she began her vocational training at Dante and is now our permanent employee. In her free time she likes to cook, especially traditional English and Spanish
specialties. She often shares her recipes with students.

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